First Siberia, Now Japan: Green Fireballs Raining Down On Earth


Can you imagine how would you feel if all of a sudden you see a rain of green fireballs rocketing towards Earth? And imagine if this was happening in the middle of the day? If you happened to be in Siberia on October 25th this is exactly what you would have witnessed. What followed was thousands of pictures on social media sites from locals who saw this amazing phenomenon with questions and theories on what they might have been.


Many were baffled by this event and some were even scared as to what will follow and it’s no wonder if we consider the fact that some areas in Russia have been known to be common targets for comets and asteroids from outer space. There were the usual theories that the green fireballs were comets, asteroids and something similar, but they soon disappeared from the sky and it was as if nothing happened. All was fine and life was back to normal until October 31st when the same fireballs mysteriously appeared on the sky over Japan.  And that’s when the social media went crazy and the whole thing went viral. The difference now was that the theory about it being a comet or asteroid seemed less likely. More theories started appearing about this being a sign that we’re not alone in this universe and that maybe we’ve been visited by beings from another planet. There were many who ridiculed the whole ordeal but the people who witnessed the whole phenomenon said there was nothing funny about it. They claim that everyone who’d seen the glowing green fireball would be willing to consider the fact we’re not alone, no matter how skeptical they are. The public’s opinions seem divided but what about the authorities? What explanation have they given about the event? According to one public statement from the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan they believe this could be a piece of the Taurid meteor that tore apart due to friction while entering the atmosphere. They seem convinced in this or at least that’s what they would like us to believe but many don’t believe it. They say that the pattern of the green fireball didn’t match the same path of the Taurid Meteor shower has taken.

It seems that this event will remain a mystery and an open topic for discussion, at least until the next such event comes to light. What do you think, can it be scientifically explained or is it a sign from outer space? Look at the video below and tell us what you think:





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