The Truth About Necronomicon: The Most Dangerous Book Of Mankind


Have you ever heard about the book “The Hidden Truth of The Necronomicon”? The book is an eternal mystery and over the years many have tried to find it and unlock its mysteries but without success. The original copy and all of its versions are considered extremely dangerous, filled with horrible ideas and obscure truths which are believed to lead its readers to madness. It contains dark spells and incantations which many believe can do unimaginable damage.1

The infamous book was brought into the spotlight when Howard Philips Lovecraft turned his interest towards it. Through his novels he popularized the existence of this book and even though he mentions that it’s a work of fiction, he gives many random clues within his 1927 biography that tell a different story. According to Lovecraft, the Necronomicon was written in 700 AD by a mad Arab Abdul Al-Hazred, but many believe that it’s the work of astrologer and writer Abu Ali al-Hasan. The Jewish mystical Alhazen ben Joseph has also been mentioned as an author.2

There have been many versions of the book. During 1600, the English mystic John Dee made his own English translation of the Necronomicon but it was after his death that the book was finally published. Meric Casaubon added the finishing touches to the English translation of Dee in a very limited edition in 1651. A year later, the Danish physician Ole Worm created a new version in German but the most popular edition is called Simon Necronomicon published by Avon Books which was founded in 1941 by News Corporation of America (ANC). “Simon Necronomicon” was published in 1977 and the title is such because the writer was only signed as Simon. The bizarre thing about it was that the edition of Simon Necronomicon couldn’t be linked to Lovecraft’s writings.

Now all the known versions and editions of the infamous book are kept under lock and key and are not available to the public. There are a number of mysterious organizations which are on the look out for any and all versions which are still in private hands. Many have tried to unlock its mysteries but all of these attempts are followed by some freak accidents, fueling the claims that the book is cursed. Hence the Necronomicon remains a mystery to be solved by some future generations.

Here’s a video describing its brief history:


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