Watch: UFO Over Highway Stops Traffic In China


The internet is on fire thanks to a video from China in which you can see people standing in the middle of a highway, out of their cars, traffic stopped and everyone is looking up into the sky.

The event in the video is from April but it leaked outside Asia just now. It’s footage from a dash-cam of a car in the city of Guangzhou. As the vehicle comes near the awestruck observers, the couple inside the car exclaims ‘fay de aya,’ which according to Taiwan-based researcher Scott Waring in Chinese means ‘UFO’.

The car pulls up and the man exits, joining a group of people who’ve all exited their cars to watch and film the incredible event. But you can only see three minutes of the mass UFO sighting because the dash cam that recorded the video can only film small segments and we can’t see more.

Waring added that it’s not the first time an incident like this one happened in Guangzhou, there are numerous accounts of strange sightings but unfortunately the videos hardly ever reach anyone outside the borders as a result of the government’s restrictions. Luckily for us, this one made it through and we can only hope that the persons behind it won’t get in trouble for sharing it with the world.



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