‘The Sponsorship Technique’: THIS Is How To TRULY See Behind The Mask Of People

As a Life Coach, when I’m having sessions with my clients I use the sponsorship technique to see and recognize them. We are all familiar with the word “sponsorship”, but we have never seen the root of this word.

It comes from the Latin word “SPONDERE” which means “to promise, to give”. And the interesting part is that it was used by a person who had the responsibility for the spiritual health of another person. From the same root comes the word “spouse” as well.

With the sponsorship we approve the characteristics of other people and we see THROUGH them. Simply put, we promote the identity of another person.

However, we can be self-sponsor too, by promoting what we already possess inside us.

As we mentioned before, sponsorship occurs on identity level.

What does this mean?

The sense of identity is how we perceive ourselves. It results in our role, purpose and mission in life. In order to feel better, we need to expand ourselves!

With the so-called ‘sponsorship’ we put our focus on the capabilities and skills on identity level (to accept and identify others with what already they are). It doesn’t matter if we sponsor ourselves or someone else. We need to increase the usage of sponsorship and wake up what we already have inside us.

Sponsorship occurs through communication: verbal and non verbal. It’s the messages we speak to ourselves and others. By doing this we recognize and approve others.

Some examples are: “You exist”, “I see you”, “You are precious”, “You are important/unique/special”“You are capable of succeeding” etc…

The intention is to give them or to give yourself the sense of value. You don’t need to be “better” than the others. You already are unique human being. You can’t be better because no one is like you and you cannot be compared to anyone else. Everyone is different from everyone else.

But how can you sponsor others and yourself?

Be congruent– it means that you need to be you, feel calm and sense the flow inside you. Feel that your body and your mind are one, and connect with your intuition.

Connect with other or with yourself – it means to connect with something that is present in others or in you (on spiritual level). Truly see other and see yourself, because only when one is seen and recognized by another, it exists completely.

Be curious – and ask questions. For example you can ask: “What is happening?”, “What is the problem?”

Proper naming – This means giving rightful name to things. By doing this they gain their true meaning. We simply support our capabilities and qualities.

Transform the influence of self denial – the phrases like “It’s not possible for me”, “I’m not capable of doing so..”, “I don’t deserve it..”. These phrases are limiting beliefs. By using them we limit ourselves. We must see the positive side and transform it into positive thing.

The sponsorship consists in sending messages like “I see you”, or “You exist”. It is only then that we lift ourselves higher and we lift others.

And of course, you let them know their real values and capabilities. Everyone deserves to be seen and recognized in the bright light.

About the Author: Magdalena Mihajloska is internationally certified NLP Practitioner & NLP Life Coach. She motivates, inspires and empowers people to obtain what they want in life. She is always ready to guide you through the positive way of setting your own goals. You can find Magdalena on her Facebook Page.