If You Love Her, Don’t Destroy Her…

You know you love her but there is something wrong about the way you love her. Since you are only a human being with shifting emotions, you tend to destroy a healthy relationship by treating her in an ill manner. If you’re causing any harm to her and your relationship, then it is time to pause and reflect on your thoughts and actions.

Remember the first time you saw her, remember the beauty of that moment. Remember what made you fall for her – her smile, her sense of humor, her carefree nature and/or her independent spirit. Her completeness attracted you the most and she was everything you wanted. If you truly love her, keep her that way.

Your role in her life is extremely important. If you keep treating her poorly then she will lose confidence in herself. She will become negative, irritable and most importantly she might become distant. If you show her love, respect, compassion and care, then she will bloom like the most beautiful flower you could ever imagine.

Your love should not destroy her.

She has been destroyed before. The past relationships have proved to be destructive and corroded her spirit and soul. Don’t do the same to her. She handed you her trust and love not because she wanted to be destroyed again. She has overlooked her fears and insecurities to be with you, she chose you. Don’t make her look like a fool for choosing you as her man. Don’t let her down.

Accept that you cannot know everything about her and let her be independent. Nothing kills her more like your emotional absence from a situation. If you are there, be there mentally, physically and emotionally. Try to stimulate her thoughts, desires, emotions and her being. If she makes you come alive, then you should do the same for her.

Don’t leave her hanging.

She will be devastated if she found out that you see her as a need more than a want. Everyone loves to be wanted by their partners. It gives them a sense of confidence and boosts their self-esteem. If you only love her when you’re feeling lonely or when you’re depressed, then you will surely destroy her. Love her in all your moments. In your happy moments, she will put on her dancing shoes while in your sad moments she will lend you a shoulder to cry on.

You also have been destroyed by your past and have your own share of misgivings. But do not let her carry your emotional baggage. She’s there to share the pain but if you love her only because you expect her to fix you, then it will destroy you both. She will heal you in time and you will heal her similarly. She doesn’t need to be fixed, she trusted you for the present by sharing her past.

Live in the present with her, if you want any future with her.

Your actions directed to her hold the most significance. Your actions can convey your care, love, affection and most importantly respect for your lady love. She is broken, and so are you. But you don’t need to treat her like a broken woman. You should stop being an energy vampire. Build her, don’t drain her spirit.

Love her with all her flaws and imperfections.

Effort is what matters the most in any relationship. If she sees you trying, she will be thoroughly happy. She will put in double than effort you put in and together you can build your lives. If you love her, don’t destroy her. If you love her, love her well.

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