The Key to Keeping Him Insanely Addicted In 2 Steps (He’ll LOVE It and It Works!)

We all deserve attention from the person we are in a relationship with. But one often encounters the problem of losing that attention too soon. The problem takes a severe spin if we face it in terms of our relationships.

This is the age of date nights and one night stands. You might enjoy the limited time you spend with the other person but then you cannot be sure if you could make an impact on them.

This is a time where a woman can hardly hold the attention of a guy for more than a few seconds. These days are not anymore the days where only men are the suitors. Girls are the chasers too. But when they try to do so, they realize that it is not an easy task after all. Guys, like girls, have expectations too. They also have the idea of the “perfect one” in their minds.

There is a social pressure that a guy faces when it comes to choosing his girlfriend. Similarly, there are things he might be looking for in his girlfriend. Why should anybody, a guy or a girl, settle down for anything less than what they deserve?

But should a girl, who really wants this guy to love her with everything, give up easily on him? Is there no way where the girl can make the guy ask more of her?

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Men may often find it difficult to hold interest in one thing for very long. But that should not disappoint the girl in any way. She should arouse more interest about her in the guy. She should motivate him to think more about her.

Now, the question is how does a girl motivate a guy to be interested in her? As it happens in most of the cases, unless anything is exciting, we lose interest in them. Similarly, it is important that the guy is thrilled about the girl. The girl should not be boring.

Another very important thing that guys fall for is emotional sustainability. It is true that girls can emotionally connect way more easily than guys do. A girl has to create an emotional build up that would attract the guy towards her. There are two methods through which she can do that.

Step 1: Give him complete attention for a short period of time.

Step 2: After that pull back the attention.

Give the guy the attention and emotional succour he requires at that moment. But do not keep doing that all the time. In that way it would become boring for him. He would not be excited to receive it. He will feel that he gets it anyway, then why work for it? Therefore, what a girl needs to do at this time is to slowly restrain herself from giving him so much attention. Otherwise he would not crave for it.

The guy should feel that he cannot take you for granted. Your moves should not become very predictable for him. There should always be some kind of anticipation in what you do. That’s how he would never lose interest in you. He would pay attention even before you can ask for it!

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